Elegance and simplicity gives this beautifully designed watch its distinctive character. The classic look is embellished with a jewelry collar of sparkling stones revealing a further elegant note. This slender piece of bijou graces a woman with beautiful charm and reveals her flair for modern femininity. The different color combinations offer a variety of choices for your preferred taste.

Carved indexes

Indexes using diamond-cut technology are carved into the sunray brushed dial. The shape of the slender indexes resembles that of a beautiful almond eye. The jewelry collar of sparkling stones on the watch case paired with a rounded crown makes the piece a real bijou with harmonious elegance.

Milanaise bracelet

The smooth Milanaise bracelet was born from an old watchmaking tradition. First produced in Italy in the 19th century, it features tiny interlinking metal pieces that give the stainless bracelet a matchlessly sleek and sensual feel. A twirling mademoiselle symbol is engraved on the case back, striking an implicit chord with the young elegance of the watch and its wearer.


1 - The Mademoiselle by TITONI