Airmaster Lady 23733 SY-556
Airmaster Lady 23733 SY-556
Airmaster Lady 23733 SY-556

AIRMASTER can trace its roots back to the first landing on the moon by the mankind in 1969. The modernized model in this legendary series comes with a bigger opening, giving it a greatly rejuvenated look whilst retaining its powerful style down through the decades. All of the watches in the Airmaster collection are fitted with premium parts so that the series has justly become TITONI’s icon down through generations.


Sparkling stones

The big opening not only enables an easier and quicker reading of time but also makes a powerful impression. The white dial of this model, an absolute eye-catcher, comes with sparkling stones on a steel gray circle, making it even more elegant. The anti-reflexive sapphireglass is not only scratch-resistant but also enables a comfortable view of the time.


The solid bracelet

The mixture of brushed and polished links in various forms playfully interacts with light. The solid butterfly clasp of the stainless steel bracelet guarantees an extraordinarily smooth and secure wearing experience. The crisp clicking sound every time you close the bracelet is another sign of high quality.


1 - The Airmaster