Cosmo Gent 797 G-DB-306
Cosmo Gent 797 G-DB-306
Cosmo Gent 797 G-DB-306

A glamorous timepiece designed with a passion for exquisite details. The rich design makes this watch a prominent statement on its wearer’s wrist. Prestige shines through the timepiece’s playful interaction with light.


Lavish Dial

The telltale sign of this watch is its bezel setting: it comes with sparkling stones, making the watch a true piece of jewelry. A cyclops lens is integrated in the sapphire crystal glass to magnify the date and make it easier to read. The day indication in the prominent 12 o’clock position means you can see what day of the week it is at a glance. The shiny stones marking the hours give the watch an elegant touch and make it a perfect piece to match your evening and special occasion wardrobe.


Stamped Caseback

The case back is stamped with a globe, echoing the concept of the series. It is a quiet companion for anyone who embraces a cosmopolitan world with ambition.


The King Bracelet

The five-links design lends the stainless steel bracelet greater flexibility and thus ensures a high wearing comfort. The mixture of brushed and polished links playfully interacts with light, an artful design concept flowing from the bezel to the bracelet.